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We have been involved with showing dogs since 1978. Whilst in the Northern Territory, Gerard wanted to get back into showing dogs, he helped to show his mothers dogs as a child for a while. So we acquired a German Shepherd puppy but tradgedy struck a few weeks after we had him. He ate a red back spider and the toxins killed him so we then accuired a bitch called Heidi. Not a great show dog but a wonderful companion who adored the kids. When Gerard was away with his job I couldn't handle the Shepherd so we decided to get another breed and eventually settled on the Keeshond.

Ch Alkmaar Ivan


Our first Keeshond "Ch Alkmaar Ivan" was born in October 1983. He was bred by Ron and Mabs Cleverley. We had Keeshonds up until 2014 but sadly we are no longer breeding or showing Keeshonden.



In 1997 my love for the Finnish lapphund waGr Ch Brambleway Akus ignighted by a conversation I had with a judge from Finnland (Mrs M Talvite) from Finland. She had judged our Keeshond Specialty show and at dinner that night we talked about the lappie. Whilst at a show in Canberra in 2000 I saw my first Lappies. I spoke to the lady (Mrs Eronen) who had them and told her when she mated them I would be very interested in getting a pup. I was disappointed as she told me that the first litter was already spoken for as she had a lot of orders. In June the next year we went to look at a show in Sydney and was told that there was a lady from Canberra looking for us and she had 3 baby pups with her. We tried to find her but we couldn't find and thought that she had gone back to Canberra as it was late afternoon. When we went to the car park there was Kyllikki with the most gorgeous pups. She had changes her mind and decided to let us have one if we wanted it. Well Aku came home with us that day and is now retired from the show ring as "Gr Ch Brambleway Aku". To this date I don't think Kyllikki was disapointed that she had sold us Aku as be has been a great ambassador for this most wonderful breed.

Gr Ch Brambleway Aku is still living in the lap of luxury and has just turned 15 last April (2016) .

Ch Staalon Heartwhole Harry (Imp Finland). Harry was bought from Staalon Kennels in Finland, Anniki Leskinen and Anne Huttinen. In 2012, I decided to by Gerard a pup from Finland for our wedding anniversary and placed an order with Anniki. She had no puppies so we said we would wait. I got an email from Anniki later saying that she has just had a litter and we could have one from this. As it turned out, Harry was accutally born on our wedding anniversary date. harry had to stay in Finlad until he was 9 months old before he could travel to Australia.


Ch Caleebra Burberrys Summer (ai). Boo came to us from Shareen Chouffot and Glen Brassington of Caleebra Kennels in 2014. She was so that we could breed her to Harry.




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