Champions Made Up By Us

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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These dogs were titled by us and bred by other Kennels.

Ch Alkmaar Ivan

Ch Vendorfe Sometimes A Lady










                     Ch Alkmaar Ivan (Kitt)                                                    Ch Vendorfe Sometimes A Lady (Dawn)

               Bred by Ron & Mabs Cleverley                                                       Bred by Sue Emary

Ch Aak Kool Kustomer

Ch Rymiska Tohot To Handle










                     Ch Aak Kool Kustomer (Gus)                                                   Ch Rymiska Too Hot (Toby)

                       By Gordon Douglas                                                              Bred by Ray & Marilyn Parker

Gr Ch Greendoss King Midas

                  Gr Ch Greendoss King Midas (King)                                          Gr Ch Brambleway Aku (Aku)

                           Bred by Paul Green                                                               Bred by Kylikki Eronen

Ch Theldary Wild Wild Ways


            Ch Theldaroy Wlid Wild Ways (chey)                                         Ch Watersedge Sno Drift

                    Bred By Col & Ros Seare                                                  Bred by Melissa Waters

                                      Ch Napaj Lady In WhiteCh Abaseiko Arctic Wildwind 










                 Ch Napaj Lady In White (Lady)                                                Ch Abaseiko Arctic Wild Wind (Esky)

                           Bred by Lyn Jackson                                                                 Bred by Hillary Stephen








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